customer management



A perfect experience for every customer.

Managing buying lifecycles and customer preferences can be a daunting task.  Pricing levels, pricing contracts and a list of ship to addresses as long as your arm can become overwhelming and frustrate your biggest customers if not handled correctly.  As part of our single source of truth philosophy, EBIZPLATFORM includes all the tools needed to maintain every part of the customer relationship.  Best of all, the data is all available through our ecommerce API to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Financial

    Integrate back office systems to supply credit limit information via the ecommerce API to control the flow of orders and maintain compliance.

  • Pricing & Shopping

    Employ dozens of rules and automations to make sure the right customers see the right prices on just the products they can purchase.

  • Communicate

    Blast marketing and support content for your products and services via email with ease.  Grow sales by effortlessly introducing new products to old customers.

  • Segment

    Create cohort profiles that automatically segment customers based on purchase history, geo-location and/or overall value.  Be in the right place at the right time with no effort.